Hmm, let’s se
Britannia angel strikes!

Our wish-granter, ladies and gentlemen! Completely and utterly able to correctly fulfill your wishes! ...55% of the time! On a good day. ...Look what do you want from me, you bloody tw--

e...take a left at Cloud Ninety-Nine and a sharp right at Valhalla, and head straight down, minding the pigeons and blokes in re'd and blue undergarments...


...Oh. A-ahem.

W-why hello there, children! I seem

to be in the right place...Liberty, yes~?

I heard from a little birdy that is more of a nosey parker that a particular day is coming up~ Well, I have come down on high to bring you a very special gift for a very special occasion. What might this gift be, you may ask.

Well, my lovelies, it’s the gift of...

Dreams and Magic!

Fiddlesticks! You might think. Poppycock! You might say.

But haven’t you always wondered...? Haven’t you felt that little niggle in the back of your head that forever persists in wondering if the stuff of childhood fancies and whimsies weren’t merely bedtime stories? Weren’t just tales spun by grand imaginations? But were close enough to reach and grasp within your hands?

Oh, my duckies. I have come to tell you that they are. Everything you dreamt of as a child, everything you wished for and everything you told wasn’t tangible and in this world of existence...

All of that is real.

Now. Won’t you let me show you?

Tell me your deepest, most precious heart’s desire – Only one, please! Anymore would be straining my powers! – and I shall do my very best within my ability to grant it.

Please form an orderly line and I’ll get back to you in a timely manner! Meaning, as soon as I possibly can! Please do try your best to be patient!

Or I’ll throttle you ungrateful little sods. :D

How this Madness StartedEdit

On July XX, 2009 a a rpg community you might know was ~created~. A year later, the mods at the time decided to celebrate this occasion of not dying a horrible death surviving this long with an event to celebrate and also to kickstart falling activity but you didn't hear that from me. What you probably didn't know was that this event was originally supposed to be the Genderbender Week (yes, it's been postponed since July), but after the wider notion of granting wishes was brought up along with being able to use Britannia Angel as a medium, well that my duckies was how this event was brought into being~*~*~

Head Angel In ChargeEdit

  • ♪☆\BRITANNIA ANGEL/☆♪ - [heavens_brows] (almost named jollygoodtoga)

The ~*~Wishes~*~Edit

Character Wish Made Wish Granted
Antarctica (Loto Wallace) To be cured of stage fright. To have overcome fear of the stage by stripping for his audience.
Argentina (Martin Hernandez) To meet Maradona. Met Maradonathough it didn't seem like that's who he wanted...
Austria (Roderich Edelstein) "SUP. GIMME LUDWIG (Germany). KTHXBAI." He got...Ludwig all right.
British Virgin Islands (Rhema Lee) To get closer to "someone" and ask them (Mongolia) out. Gravitationally pulled closer towards Moon Borjigin (Mongolia).
Brazil (Luciano Alvarez) To settle down with someone for good. Tied in holy matrimony with Cecile Armstronger, a complete and total stranger.
Bulgaria (Boris Draganov) To have a "golden companion." The ability to leave gold streaks on objects by touch.
Cameroon (Olivier Mani) A definite sexuality. An unexplainable attraction towards wild animals.
Canada (Matthew Williams) To not be invisible anymore. Had this sign hanging over his head everywhere he went.
China (Wang Yao) A girlfriend, preferably not bipolar, schizophrenic, or insane. A relationship with Dewi Ainsworth (Wales).
England (Arthur Kirkland) To be an only child. Was turned into a child, the only child of the Kirkland family.
Finland (Tino Väinämöinen) To be manlier and be more confident. Whenever he became shy, he would turn manly and strong.
France (Francis Bonnefoy) To have people be friendlier towards him. People started to stalk him, strangers and acquaintances alike.
Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt) Some peace and quiet for once. A pair of earmuffs and earplugs.
Ireland (Conner O'Connor) To erase the night spent with Moon Borjigin (Mongolia). Sessions w/Alcoholics Anonymous to prevent further incidents.
Iroquois Nation (Jared Montour) For the whole world to be a musical. Instead of speaking, he could only sing.
North Italy (Feliciano Vargas) To have Ludwig (Germany) be more open about their relationship. Ludwig became unable to restrain himself from extreme affection and PDA.
Japan (Honda Kiku) To be more outgoing, like Feliciano (North Italy). Became head of a Yakuza gang and became involved in gang warfare.
North Korea (Im Hak Soo) For some friends. Friends.
Isle of Lesbos (Atthis Petallides) To have a "lady to call her own." This box.
North Mexico (Juan de Leon) Five million dollars, bitch. Five million dollars of Confederate money.
South Mexico (Emiliana de Leon) For life to be like a telenovela. Only able to embody one emotion at a time, strangely dramatic, prone to monologuing.
Mongolia (Moon Borjigin) A ranch with horses. A horse and ranch
Norway (Sindre Myhre) For Søren (Denmark) to stop breaking in. The Charleston became an impenetrable castle.
Poland (Feliks Łukasiewicz) For every city to be Warsaw. Liberty was renamed "Warsaw."
Russia (Ivan Braginsky) For his sister (Belarus) to stop being obsessed with him. Natalia became obsessed with killing him instead of in love with him.
Sealand (Peter Kirkland) Too many friggin' wishes. Raivis (Latvia) was fired from his job and Tino (Finland) and Berwald (Sweden) were shackled together.
Somalia (Aziza Macalinweyne) For her own ship and crew. Became captain of her own crew at "Captain Cheesybeard's", a family restaurant.
South Africa (Johanna Kingsly) Not to be related to all the Kirklands. Was related to Steve-From the Bookstore.
Switzerland (Vash Zwingli) To have never been involved with the mafia. Became involved with the Yakuza instead, as Kiku's (Japan) bodyguard.
Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna) For Peter (Sealand) to be happy. Peter Devonshire from Chicago, IL was made quite happy.
Taiwan (Li Mei-Lin) For Zhi (Hong Kong) and Matthew (Canada) to have twins and a pet. They got twin monkeys and a Siamese cat.
Turkey (Sadiq Annan) For Heracles (Greece) to be more bearable to be around. Was stuck inside this bubble.
Uruguay (Valentina Artigas) To have superpowers to save Mr. Zwingli (Switzerland) To be able to turn objects into cotton balls with the incantation "balls balls balls ahoy!"
Vietnam (Nguyen Lai Kim) To be more feminine. A troupe of drag queens tried to teach her how to be a man.
Wales (Dewi Ainsworth) To have a girlfriend. A serious relationship with Yao (China).

How It All EndedEdit

Long story short: IT WAS ALL A DREAM.

Definitely cliche, but necessary to keep the madness from screwing up the main AU roleplay. Granted it was certainly a memorable dream for some. And others could swear on their granny's graves that it actually happened.

But that's all just poppycock.