Remy Tomkins (British Virgin Islands) The baby, and probably the least screwed-up, of the Kirkland children

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Bob the Flower



British Virgin Isles


Rhema Lee Kirkland-Tomkins

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October 21st 1991


Employee at Deus Ex Machina


A house on Ocean View. With Kim Nguyen and their four pets.

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Before Liberty:Edit

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In Liberty:Edit

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Friends: Edit

  • Kimmy: Her house-mate and BFF. They met through a mutual friend - Toris - and got to be buddies pretty quickly after that. Despite minor groping at a sleepover and kissing in public, the girls are just friends. They just happen to be very comfortable with each other.
  • Toris: Her oldest friend. They knew each other back in Jr. high school, and continued to write letters, call, and text-message each other over the years, until Remy came to Liberty in 2010.
  • Thera Minoa: Things started off a little strangely between these two - honestly, Remy was a little afraid of her for the first few weeks they worked together - but they were always civil. As animal lovers, they always had at least a little bit of common ground. (Remy often had as much to say about her one cat as Thera said about her sixty.) Oddly enough, they bonded by shopping - which tom-boy Remy thought would be a lot more traumatic than it was - for Remy and Moon's trip to New York. The model just couldn't let Remy go to the 'fashion capitol of the world' in her usual bluejeans and frumpy coat.


  • Alicia Van Peeters: Remy knows it's not really the other woman's fault so much as her own bad judgement, but she still blames Ali for getting her drunk, and the resulting hangover. Not pretty. She hasn't talked to the other girl since then, (though she adores her baby sister Heike) so she still harbors some resentment over the whole thing. Remy doesn't know it, but Ali once made out with Moon before he and Remy were officially together. If she ever finds out, she'll really have to hate the woman.
  • Feliks Whatever the Hell his last name is: He painted her bedroom and her pets pink. She might be able to forgive him eventually, but right now, it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen any time soon.

Love Interests:Edit

  • Muunokhoi "Moon" Borjigin: Not a relationship that got off to a very smooth start, mostly because of Remy's big brother Conner. The very first time she saw Moon he ended up with a face full of jell-o from Conner's hospital tray, and soon after that the two men ended up beating each other bloody over a painting of Moon and Remy 'cuddling' on a park bench. Things evened out, though, and soon they started spending time together as friends, mostly keeping it a secret from Conner and too shy to acknowlege the mutual more-than-friends feelings. Finally, on her 19th birthday, they made it official, and so far, they couldn't be happier.

Fun FactsEdit

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