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Republic of Cyprus


Garcia Kyriakos

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1st October, 1988


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Before Liberty:Edit

The coastal city of Paphos in Southern Cyprus was the birthplace of Garcia Kyriakos to a high-flying university lecturer of a mother and a Greek businessman for a father. His father worked in Greece during the year and Garcia grew up surrounded by women and, he would have to admit, mollycoddled unbelievably by his mother and the various aunts who would come in and out of the family house.

For most of his life, Garcia lived in relative peace with his younger brother and mother. The city had much to hand and it was in Old Paphos, the historical part of the city, that he developed an interest in archaeology. His mother encouraged whatever interest he may have held, no matter how fleeting it may have been.

His mother, Afet Kyriakos, left her job to look after Garcia. She planned on returning to work, but after her second child, another boy, she had decided it was too late for her. When looking after her children, she had always dreamed of going back to work and never managed it. When Garcia was eleven, and both the boys were old enough, Afet Kyriakos packed up and left Paphos after some elusive position she had been eyeing for a few years.

He lived with his uncle, Aetos until he moved to Liberty. Aetos, although a nice man, was never quite clear how children should be raised and gave the two boys almost complete freedom. The aunts disapproved but didn’t say anything since they had just lost their ‘dear mother, poor things.’

In Liberty:Edit

Garcia hadn’t originally planned on going to Liberty. His original intentions were to go to a European University, preferably in Britain or France. However, he was late in handing in his application form and couldn’t get a place. Liberty’s administration allowed him in though and he’s eternally grateful for it.

Garcia moved to Liberty at 18, like most people did. His family wanted him to look after himself properly and to support himself, so they gave him a certain amount of money each month for his apartment. He’s got one year left before finishing his archaeology course and he’s not entirely sure what he’s going to do afterwards, but he wants to focus until he has graduated and received his degree.


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  • Afet Kyriakos - Mother (Ancient Cyprus)
  • Euclid Kyriakos - Father
  • Brother (TRNC)
  • Aetos Kyriakos - Uncle (Myceanean Greek)

Friends: (slowly, slowly being updated. Slowly.) Edit

  • Lili Zwingli -
  • Alicia Van Peeters
  • Nguyen Lai Kim
  • Gupta Mohammed Hassan
  • Gilbert Beillschmidtt

Enemies and Frenemies:Edit

  • Sadiq Adnan
  • Feliks person Łukasiewicz (All sweet food must be kept away from him.)
  • Alfred F. Jones

Love Interests:Edit

  • Love Interest #1
  • Love Interest #2
  • Love Interest #3

Fun FactsEdit

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