Despite the stuffy name, this apartment complex is home to the young crowd who want to stay close to Liberty's circuit of cafes, bars, and music venues. Most LU students live here, but the prices aren't cheap so it's common to find a number of them all roomed up together. The price is probably not worth it, because you only get stunning vistas of brick walls and some of the more "economical" apartments are covered with circa-1975 linoleum.

The OwnerEdit

Mr. Kim is the reticent old Korean man who owns The Charleston and oftentimes regrets allowing tenants under the age of 50 into his building. He lives on the first floor, near the entrance of the building. He likes to make a walk around the building from time to time and is more often than not displeased with the state of things. His blood pressure has increased ever since allowing that Korean boy to move in on the fourth floor.


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  • As swank as this place appears to be, the elevators are crap and will break down. A lot.
  • There's actually no set amount of floors to the Charleston, so it's not all that surprising to find out that you're now living beneath someone when you originally assumed you were living on the top floor.